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BT Openreach™ NTE-2000 ADSL Faceplate


NTE2000 ADSL Faceplate NTE2000 ADSL Faceplate for NTE5 socket


ADSL2+ Version       User Guide Download User Guide          Pressac NTE2005 Data Sheet Manufacturer Data Sheet


Same benefits as NTE5 bell wire filter! This faceplate provides the same benefits as the NTE5/BT Broadband Accelerator bell wire filter with the ADDITION of ADSL filtering.

The NTE-2000 replaces the lower half of a BT NTE5 type master socket, manufactured by Pressac UK who supply BT.

The NTE-2000 faceplate is the type of ADSL faceplate that BT Openreach engineers fit on a full ADSL installation (referred to as "Type 4 SSFP", replaces ADSL V1.0 version). The NTE-2000 fits on to any BT NTE5 type master socket (also available-see below), supplied with user instructions, cable tie & screws. It allows the router or modem to be plugged directly into the master socket which often results in a better connection as it is no longer reliant on plug in filters or unreliable poor quality extension wiring. The faceplate features an ADSL modem/router outlet and a standard BT filtered telephone outlet*. IDC connectors on the rear allow the provision of FILTERED extensions, ie, you only need this faceplate and not a microfilter at each extension. IDC tool required ONLY if fitting extension wiring. Latest ADSL 2+ version which is a direct replacement for the ADSL V1.0 version. When fitted to the NTE5 master socket BT refer to this setup as "Type 4: Service Specific Faceplate (SSFP)".

NTE2000 Vs NTE2005 Note the NTE-2000 does not provide unfiltered connections on the rear-use an NTE-2005 if you require a hard wired ADSL extension.

*The faceplate features a standard BT socket for telephone connection and an RJ45 socket for ADSL connection-the RJ45 socket will accept both RJ45 AND RJ11 (as featured on most ADSL modems/routers) plugs.

Key Features

  • Line: BS6312 approved integrated 431A plug.
  • Telephone : Connection via BS6312 4 way BT socket.
  • Modem : Direct coupled RJ45 (RJ11 compatible) socket.
  • Approved by BT Openreach.
  • Extension wiring : 3 way IDC connector.
  • Filters all connected voice equipment so negating the need for microfilters.
  • Moulded from V0 rated material colour matched to BT 1P white.
  • Tested by BT to SIN 346 Issue 2.2
  • Compatible with Calling Line Identification working.
  • CE Marked – BS EN 55022.


This page is for information & reference only as the product is no longer manufactured. Alternative or later versions of the product can be found below.

Replaced by VTE-2015

£10.17(£12.20 inc VAT)

VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate


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VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate

VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate CODE: VTE2015

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