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Network & telecom plugs, BT & RJ series
May 25th, 2016 11:48 am

We get quite a few customers who are confused over what plug they have in their hands or what plug they require! This simple guide should clear things up....

BT431A plugBT431A. This is the most common plug & is used in the UK (& various foreign countries!) to plug a telephone into the wall socket. With the plug facing away the latch is on the right hand side. Most commonly white in colour.

BT631A plugBT631A. Exactly the same as the 431A above in terms of size but this plug is a 6 way as opposed to 4 way. Most commonly used in office phone systems (PBX systems), the extra pins are usually used for what are called feature phones.

RJ45 plugRJ45. These are commonly used in network (Ethernet) environments, various classes are available such as CAT5e & CAT6. All versions are physically the same size and feature 8 pins, approx. 11mm wide.

RJ11 plugRJ11. These are commonly used to connect routers, modems & telephones to the telephone line. They are a 4 way plug, approx. 9mm wide. An RJ11 plug will plug into an RJ12 & RJ45 socket! In...