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Installing a MK4/NTE5C Combined Socket
May 8th, 2017 7:49 am

The following guide covers the NTE5C/VDSL MK4 Combination Socket - available here.

Please note, as soon as either the original lower front plate or a Mk4 faceplate is removed from the NTE5C master socket any extension wiring connected to the NTE5C backplate (the part with the "test socket" is also disconnected!

The connections on the MK4/NTE5C are cam lock connectors & do not require a tool. Firstly connect the incoming line connections to the A & B terminals on the REAR of the NTE5C socket (DO NOT connect to the A & B Connections on the MK4!). On some sockets this connector is RED, on later versions it is CLEAR :-

MK4 VDSL/NTE5C Line Connections
Lift up the cam lock lever, push the wires all the way into the connector and firmly push the lever back into position. If you do not have extensions for broadband or telephones then that completes the installation!

If you have extensions for telephones these connect to the terminals marked 2, 3 & 5 on the NTE5C part. On some...