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Choosing the right cable....
May 4th, 2017 9:27 am

We have a selection of cable available, in this guide we explain what each type is design for.....

Available by the metre here :-


CW1308 is the original specification for twisted pair telephone cable. The pairs are twisted as this cancels out electrical noise which can affect both the voice signal in the way of an audible hum and the broadband signal by way of lowering sync speed. To be true CW1308 specification the conductors MUST be pure copper. There's a lot of cable out there that claims to be CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) or CCS (Copper Clad Steel-VERY NASTY!!) CW1308 but it simply can't be. CCA & CCS is also terrible for broadband, even a short length can have dire affects on signal quality. CW1308 is available in black or white and is an INDOOR or internal grade cable ONLY. It is available in multiple pair counts, the cable we sell is 2 pair as for most domestic installations that is adequate.


CATE is still the most popular computer networking cable. It consists of 4 twisted pairs and was originally designed to carry network traffic at speeds of 100Mb, it is now capable of 1000Mb or Gigabit speeds. CAT5E will happily carry voice signals (our BT to RJ45 patch kits are designed for this!) and broadband. Indeed the original BT Openreach NTE2000 extension kits used CAT5E cable. Just like CW1308 CAT5E is sold in CCA variants, again this cannot be classed at CAT5E hence some manufacturers call it "C5 Network Cable", steer very clear! CAT5E has a tighter twist than CW1308 cable to allow for higher frequencies & better noise rejection. We sell CAT5E that is suitable for internal & external use.

CW1128 (No longer stocked)

CW1128 is similar to CW1308 but is designed for external/wet duct use. The outer jacket is waterproof but the cable has added protection in the form of petroleum jelly surrounding the internal pairs. The minimum pair count for CW112...