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Network & telecom plugs, BT & RJ series
May 25th, 2016 11:48 am

We get quite a few customers who are confused over what plug they have in their hands or what plug they require! Plugs have Poles & Contacts, eg, 6P4C means the plug has 6 Poles (or slots as you see them) but only FOUR are in use and have gold Contacts!

BT431A plugBT431A. This is the most common plug & is used in the UK (& various foreign countries!) to plug a telephone into the wall socket. With the plug facing away the latch is on the right hand side. Most commonly white in colour. 6P4C 4 way connector.

BT631A plugBT631A. Exactly the same as the 431A above in terms of size but this plug is a 6 way as opposed to 4 way. Most commonly used in office phone systems (PBX systems), the extra pins are usually used for what are called feature phones. 6P6C 6 way connector.

RJ45 plugRJ45. These are commonly used in network (Ethernet) environments, various classes are available such as CAT5e & CAT6. All versions are physically the same size and feature 8 pins, approx. 11mm wide. 8P8C 8 way con...