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NTE5A & vDSL faceplate fault diagnosis
May 17th, 2016 6:31 am

The main benefit of an NTE5A master socket is easy fault diagnosis, by simply removing two screws the end user can disconnect any internal extension wiring and plug directly into BT's network, thus proving where the fault lies.

However, with the introduction of the vDSL I plates fault diagnosis becomes a little more complicated to find whether the fault lies with the filter, wiring or the BT line itself. Read on to find what is causing the problem.....

First off, with just an NTE5A fitted:-

NTE5A master socket

Remove the two screws, the lower front plate will unplug from the main socket :-

NTE5A lower front plate

If you have any extensions fitted these should be wired to the back of this plate on connections 2, 3 & 5. Don't worry if there are any extra connections with or without wires in them-they aren't used. With the lower front plate off you will see the NTE5A test socket :-

NTE5A test socket

With the test socket revealed it's important to check all extensions are DEAD. If they aren't then this in...