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How to install a VDSL extension
April 28th, 2016 11:35 am     A+ | a-
At present BT install the Openreach VDSL modem at the master socket location and will run a data cable to the router in a separate location if required. However, the VDSL faceplate does have provision for a hard wired VDSL extension.....


For telephone & VDSL at the remote location :-

(1) Terminate cable for phone to 2, 3 & 5 on the lower front faceplate (the original NTE5 part)
(2) Terminate another pair to the two IDC connections on the VDSL faceplate
(3) Terminate 2, 3 & 5 to a BT Euro Module (
(4) Terminate the pair from the VDSL plate to an RJ11 Euro Module (, the modules snap into a Euro double faceplate ( Terminate to pins 3 & 4 as marked on the RJ11 module PCB (if using an RJ45 module - - pins 4 & 5).

If you just want VDSL then you will only need the RJ11 module & a single Euro faceplate (

If you only have one pair of wires spare then terminate these to the IDC connections on the VDSL faceplate, at the other end connect a second NTE5 ( and terminate to A & B. Install a second VDSL faceplate to provide both filtered & unfiltered sockets.

To make life easier we have complete extension kits using CAT5e 2PR pure copper cable. This cable is intended for high bit rate digital services such as BT Infinity & is also suitable for ADSL & voice services. The kits are supplied with an IDC insertion tool & RJ45 (which also accepts RJ11) socket with back box & full instructions. There is also the option to add a telephone socket so you can have VDSL/Telephone on an extension. Supplied with full instructions.
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