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NTE5A Design Changes
April 28th, 2016 11:42 am     A+ | a-
The NTE5A has been revised a number of times during production, most notably :-

Product Change Announcement - 07/11/2008

Products concerned –
BT style NTE 5A – All variants
BT style NTE 5B – All variants

Scope of Change –

1) The NTE5 CCU (customer connection unit) currently incorporates a 4 way IDC connector. It is intended to change this to a 3 way IDC connector which will allow connections to pins 2, 3 and 5 for the line and ringing circuit. Note ; where 4 wire extension cabling is used, continue to use the same conductor colours relevant to terminals 2,3 and 5 and leave the conductor normally terminated to pin 4 unconnected.
2) On certain variants of NTE 5A and 5B, the design allows drop wires to be attached to two metal terminal posts via a screw and captive washer. It is the intention to replace these terminal posts with a 2 way IDC connector.
3) Currently most variants of NTE5 incorporate a Bell Wire Filter, it is the intention to make this a standard fitting on all variants of NTE5.

Reason for Change

1) The CCU IDC connector is provided for the sole purpose of providing the option for customer extension wiring. However to perform this function only three IDC connections are required (2,3 and 5), it has therefore been decided to delete connection 4 to provide a reduced likelihood of an incorrect termination.
2) It is now believed that the legacy of non standard CSA drop wires which necessitated the option of screw terminals to accommodate the wide range of conductor sizes is now largely obsolete. As a result the standard drop wire sizes in the range of 22 AWG to 26 AWG (0.4 to 0.63 CSA) now being used as a standard, allow the use of an IDC connector with the benefit of a far more reliable connection.
3) The provision of the bell wire filter has now been standardised by BT to improve performance on ADSL lines
***Note ; This is an irreversible change, once the new versions of the NTE have been introduced, the mould tool modifications required will not allow Pressac to revert to the old style terminations.

Timing of Change

Dependant on customer feedback it is proposed that this introduction will be a rolling change, however it is intended to firm this up to a specific month probably early in 2009 and a confirmation to this effect will follow shortly.

Product Change Announcement - 24/10/2012

The latest revision removes the 26A protector from the design. Following customer feedback it does indeed appear that this does affect vDSL connections. Customers who have removed it have seen a slight improvement. It's easy to remove the device from older versions of the socket, you can see the 26A here :-


Either de-solder it from the PCB or simply snip it out with some side cutters! The newer revision can be seen here :-

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