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BT/ADSL to RJ45 Patch Kit-Remote Version


BT/ADSL to RJ45 Patch Kit-Remote Version

Patch kit which allows you to patch the ADSL signal (RJ11) into one RJ45 port and the voice signal (BT) to another RJ45 port. Remote version is designed for when the phone line to be patched is NOT in the patch cabinet area but IS next to a spare CAT5e/CAT6 RJ45 Port. Fully compatible with FAX & PDQ machines etc. Ideal if the ADSL line is in your comms room but you would like a wireless router to be plugged in elsewhere for maximum signal strength.

Contains 1 RJ45 ADSL Filter
1 RJ45 to RJ11 Patch Lead (1.5M
1 RJ45 to RJ11 Converter
1 BT to RJ45 Patch Lead (1.5M
1 BT to RJ45 Patch Lead (3M)
1 RJ45 to BT Converter
Full Instructions

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