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8A 2 Wire Jelly Connectors (Pack of 20)


8A 2 Wire Jelly Connectors (Pack of 20)

BT 8A jelly crimp connectors. 2 wire telephone gel crimp IDC connector suitable for connecting any two telephone conductors (eg, CW1308) internal or external. This product is suitable for copper conductors 0.32 to.0.9mm or aluminium up to 0.5mm, easily crimped with pliers! These products are from the same manufacturer BT Openreach use so you can be assured of quality.

Dimensions: 15.5 x 9.5mm (open), 3.6 (closed) x 10mm;


Product Features

  • Manufactured with a high quality waterproof gel inside the crimp which provides a secure seal against water and moisture.
  • The installer simply inserts the telephone wires into the holes located in the crimp. Compressing firmly with the relevant crimp tool makes the IDC connection and creates the required waterproof seal.
  • Transparent high clarity housing allows for visual inspection of the crimped splice.
  • The high performance polypropylene material used for the housing offers good chemical resistance and has high tensile strength in a range of high and low working temperatures.
  • Provides a reliable means of connecting telephone conductors with PE or PVC insulation, with no requirement to strip the insulation.

Do I need a special tool??!! NO! The picture below shows a typical pair of gel crimp pliers. Note the circled parts on them, all these do is prevent the crimp being crushed too far. You can EASILY use a standard pair of pliers with these crimps, just crimp them until the two parts are squeezed together!! Not much force is required!!!

Gel crimp pliars

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