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BT Socket, ADSL Filtered With RJ11/RJ45 Port


IDC Tool Included!    Pressac Manufacturer Data Sheet


Filtered BT socket-no need for a separate micro filter. BT socket is filtered for any telephone & RJ11 (RJ45 which accepts RJ11 too) port accepts any ADSL broadband device. Supplied with back box & termination tool. Designed to be hard wired into the broadband installation where a conventional plug in ADSL filter is deemed either unsightly or not secure. The socket provides a filtered BT style telephone socket and a directly coupled RJ45/RJ11 socket for DSL modem/router connection*. Incorporated on the rear of the PCB is a standard SIN346 compliant ADSL filter circuit which provides the correct filtering of signals to allow simultaneous use of both voice & broadband services. Connections to the socket are made using industry standard LSA style IDC connections (tool provided).

*The faceplate features a standard BT socket for telephone connection and an RJ45 socket for ADSL connection-the RJ45 socket will accept both RJ45 AND RJ11 (as featured on most ADSL modems/routers) plugs.

Please note that this socket should NOT replace the main master socket as there is no surge protection or provision for filtered extensions off the rear of the socket. There should always be an NTE5 socket with filtered faceplate fitted if this is required. Designed to be used for ADSL/telephone extensions. It can either be wired from the extension terminals on a standard NTE5 OR the UNFILTERED connections on an ADSL faceplate such as the NTE2000. It is possible to daisy chain more than 1 socket together. Dimensions (L) 85mm x (W) 85mm x (H) 31mm.

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