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BT I - Plate Broadband Accelerator (Alternative)



BT NTE5A Master Socket (+ FREE IDC tool), manufactured by Pressac UK who supply BT Openreach.


You may have heard of the BT iPlate (nterstitial Plate or BT Broadband Accelerator) and what it promises to do for your broad band connection! Here is what BT have to say on the product :-

"We've seen huge increases in speed," claimed Ashley Pickering from BT Wholesale's broadband access solutions team. On average, it makes one and a half megs of difference."

What BT Total Broadband Says.....

"Accelerator pushing speeds by an additional 1.5Mb, depending on line and location."

BT Broadband Accelerator is BT's new name for the iPlate.

The instructions that come with BT iPlates state it is not suitable for use with the latest version of the NTE5's with the BT Openreach branding, the reason? That NTE5 already has the extra filter built in.

So if you are willing to swap the front plate off your existing NTE5 for the latest spec (which is what we sell) in essence you will have an I Plate, the only difference is you would have to re-install any customer side (extensions running off the NTE5) wiring (3 wires if done to specification).

This is the extra filter on the latest NTE5's :-

NTE5 Bell Wire Filter Moulding

NTE5 Bell Wire Filter fitted to PCB

Note that the BT Openreach branded ADSL filters for the NTE5 socket we sell also do the same job with the added benefit of a centralised ADSL filtering (you don't need plug in filters!).



Feedback What our customers say about the solution.....

"Excellent Service, next day delivery and the NTE5 box that features the filter on the bell wire circuit actually worked and improved my ADSL performance immediately as the web site said it would!" Mr John Chambers  

"Very quick delivery and an all round superb service, the socket has boosted my broadband speed as promised." Mr Peter Salih  

"One of the best things I have purchased increased my broadband by more than 3Mb I am now getting 6.5Mb before 2.5 to 3Mb. Thank you" Mr Keith Spencer

"Excellent service, excellent product. Added 1Mb to my 0.4Mb broadband speed - thank you!" Andrew

"NTE5(A)Socket received swiftly, and internet speed increased by 30% amazing! Thank you very much" Harry

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, where available alternative products can be found below. This page is for information & reference only.

£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)

Replaced by NTE5C MK2.

Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket


For more information on the replacement for this product click or tap on the image or link below.

Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket

Openreach Branded NTE5C MK2 Master Socket CODE: NTE5C

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£7.67(£9.20 inc VAT)
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