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BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-2 Line Standard Version



Following on from our successful RJ45 to BT Patch Kits we are pleased to announce our new dual line BT to RJ45 Patch Kit. Here's the scenario:- You have two BT telephone lines that you would like to patch to another area on your network, you only have one spare port-NOT a problem! Custom BT to RJ45 Patch leads connect the two phone lines to one RJ45 plug, at the other end you plug in the custom RJ45 to BT splitter-this presents the two phone lines in standard BT socket configuration. If the lines are ADSL enabled this is no problem-simply use the ADSL version to present both BT & RJ11 filtered sockets.

Contains 1 BT to RJ45 Patch Lead (2 Lines)
1 RJ45 to BT Converter (2 Lines)
Full Instructions


£30.64(£36.77 inc VAT)
In Stock

BT to RJ45 Patch Kit-2 Line ADSL Version


BT to RJ45 Dual Line BT/ADSL Patch Leads BT to RJ45 Dual Line RJ45 ADSL Converters

Contains 1 BT to RJ45 Patch Lead (2 Lines)
1 RJ45 to BT/RJ11 ADSL Converter (2 Lines)
Full Instructions

This kit allows you to patch two ADSL enabled phone lines over one RJ45 (CAT5 & CAT6) cable.Includes a 1.5m (approx) twin BT male to RJ45 male patch lead, an RJ45 male to twin BT female/RJ11 ADSL filters & full instructions. Covered by 12 months warranty.

£40.86(£49.03 inc VAT)
In Stock

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