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ADSL Filter-Hard Wired


Hard Wired ADSL Filter Hard Wired ADSL Filter-Rear


Pressac Manufacturer Data Sheet

Pressac hard wired ADSL filter/faceplate. Ideal for secure applications, eg , alarm monitoring, on an ADSL equipped line. Connection is via screw terminals, supplied complete with back box.

This page is for information & reference only as the product is no longer manufactured. Alternative or later versions of the product can be found below.

Use a centralised filter, eg, VTE-2015.

£8.50(£10.20 inc VAT)

VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate


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VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate

VTE 2015 vDSL/ADSL Faceplate CODE: VTE2015

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£18.00(£21.60 inc VAT)
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