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REIN REIN go away!
June 2nd, 2016 3:04 pm     A+ | a-
BT REIN Filter

REIN, or Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise to give it its full & fancy name is one of the biggest bug bears of broadband. In short this is interference on the telephone line that affects the broad band speed &/or stability. It can be caused by numerous things, from nearby transmitters to street lights & flashing Christmas lights!

The good news is there are a couple of devices that can be fitted to try & combat this. First off it the BT 80BRF3 :-

This small device is fitted upstream of the master socket, screw terminals connect to the incoming line & IDC terminals connect to the cable that feeds the master socket. The RF filter cuts out the radio interference which in turn improves broadband speed & stability.

The second device that can fix this problem is the BT VDSL faceplate :-

This is a filtered faceplate that is compatible with ADSL & VDSL, it features a filter similar to the 80B RF3 to combat REIN but also features full ADSL/VDSL filtering (so no need for ugly plug in filters!).

The BT MK3 VDSL faceplate is considered the best filtered faceplate currently available. Unlike the 80B RF3 solution no re-wiring is required, the faceplate simply slots onto the NTE5A master socket (also available,

In severe cases BT Openreach state BOTH devices can be fitted to a line, it should be noted however that this can result in reduced sync speed.

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