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VDSL Faceplate Confusion!
September 28th, 2020 3:05 pm     A+ | a-
We get a lot of people who are confused by the old style VDSL faceplate (MK1, MK2 & MK3). The so called I Plate or Interstitial faceplate. Note that the "MK1" was NEVER labelled MK1, it was available in three versions :- Blank faceplate-NO MARKINGS, EMBOSSED logo's as pictured below, PRINTED logos as per the MK2/MK3. What are the differences? The MK1 did not have a REIN filter, the MK2 has a less aggressive REIN filter than the MK3, ie, the MK3 can make the line more stable sometimes at the cost of a small reduction in download speed.

When a broadband provider requests the user tries the "test socket" the end user removes the front faceplate, this is in fact TWO parts!

(1) The lower front plate of the NTE5A (NOT available seperately, only available as the complete NTE5A!)
NTE5A Small Lower Front Part
(2) The VDSL faceplate, be it MK1, MK2 or MK3.

Mk1 VDSL/ADSL FaceplateMK2 VDSL/ADSL FaceplateMk3 VDSL/ADSL Faceplate

When the TWO parts are assembled it looks like this :-

Assembled NTE5A / VDSL Faceplate

The NTE5A is available HERE

The only VDSL faceplate available is the MK3, it will fit ALL NTE5A sockets and replace ALL versions of the VDSL faceplate, available HERE

Alternatively the whole socket (NTE5A/VDSL Faceplate) can be replaced with a MK4 or G.Fast NTE5C/VDSL Faceplate socket combination, both of which are available on our website. See HERE for full details.

You can diagnose which part you require by following our guide HERE.
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